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watercolour, watercolor, mixed media, watercolour and mixed media, watercolor and mixed media Bold, colourful, and emotive, with a sense of solitude is how I would describe my work, and if I had to analyse it further, I would say it’s a reflection of my inner character, rather than my outwork character and appearance which is much more constant!

Why do I paint?  Well, I can’t sing or play a musical instrument, and my dancing skills are atrocious!  However I do have an urge to be creative and I find that when I am surrounded by paints, brushes, paper and water, and some motivating music in the background, creating an artwork becomes second nature to me and I am compelled to put my heart and soul into each new piece.

Watercolour is my choice of medium because it has such a range of possibilities, from gentle, flowing transparency, to thick, bold brush strokes.  I love adding ordinary pantry items to my watercolour paintings to create the appearance of texture, particularly in my abstracts and semi-abstracts.  I love experimenting with salt, cling wrap, spider web, watercolour pencil, sandpaper, and alcohol (which also doubles as a great way to wind down at the end of a busy day)!

My inspiration is limitless – most things around me inspire me in one way or another, and by sheer coincidence the majority start with “F” – faces, feet, flowers, feelings, and fleeting moments!  I like to get up close rather than stand back so you’re more likely to see a single flower than a field of flowers in my paintings, and part of a person rather than a whole person eg just a face, or an eye or a pair of feet etc.  Whilst I appreciate landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes, I would much rather “zoom in” and paint a bunch of leaves on a tree in a landscape, or a bird on the edge of a jetty in a seascape, or even a cup and saucer on a table in a cityscape.  I want to give “individual things the attention they deserve, and isolate everything else around them!”

 As with many people, I sometimes hold back on emotions and feelings, so I’m glad to have been given the gift of transferring my emotions into paintings.  Painting is a fantastic way to say something without having to use words.  The process for me is the best part, rather than the outcome.  Every time I put brush to paper or mix a new colour, or draw a new picture in preparation for painting, I am excited about the journey I am taking, and wondering with great anticipation what I will experience on the way. 

 If you were to ask me who my influence is, I’d say I admire Frida Kahlo – a famous female artist who preferred to paint as she felt rather than what was traditionally accepted.  My goal is to do the same – with my own style and influences – and just enjoy being an individual.  I don’t see the point of painting something that will please everyone else but not myself.  True artists and individuals will understand what I mean.

 “The only thing is I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration”.  Frida Kahlo

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