“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the terrific time I had recently, learning and painting with you in our one-on-one session. I’m so glad I took this opportunity for a private lesson with you. It was exactly what I needed to get me started. I’ve been wanting to do some painting for years, and I just needed that personal attention from a professional, to inform me of what makes a great painting, and how to go about it. You pointed out that tonal range, balance, and the central point of focus were important in an abstract work of art, and I feel as though I achieved that in my painting. What surprised me was discovering that I could finish an entire painting from start (planning) to finish (final touches), in one session! I wasn’t expecting that, but it shows evidence of the confidence you have in guiding people through, and making what could be a daunting process, into something quite enjoyable and achievable in one session. So, thank you for exceeding my expectations and helping me to realise my potential. Now you’ve got me excited that I can do this, “I’ll be back”, with more pictures that I’d like to do under your careful guidance and caring attention. Thanks again for a great session (including the dark chocolate and green tea). I’m looking forward to our next one-on-one again soon”.  Lara

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