Meeting Robert Wade

If you don't know who Robert Wade is, then let me tell you. He is a well-known Australian artist, who has gained worldwide recognition for his mastery of watercolor. Continue reading

5 Creative Creatures Exhibition

I’m very excited to let you know about the “5 Creative Creatures” exhibition I’m taking part in from 09 October to 06 November.  I’m joining with 4 other well-known and established Perth artists, hence the name “5 Creative Creatures”… Continue reading

Bear Moments

For something different I thought I'd share a little story about two of my painting classes last week, and some lovely bear collectibles that we painted. Continue reading

Art Trip to the Wildflowers

I’m back!  And the flowers were blooming marvellous (pardon the pun)!  As you probably know I’d been planning my first ever art trip to the wildflowers north of Perth for ages (and annoyed everyone a week before with… Continue reading

Music or Silence?

Do you paint with music playing in the background or do you prefer silence? I listen to a variety of music depending on the type of painting I'm working on, and my tastes vary depending on the type of artwork I'm working on. Continue reading

That’s Cheating! (I’m Talking About Masking Fluid)

Apparently using masking fluid prior to painting a watercolour picture is cheating! Or so I was told a few months ago. But then I've also been told that you shouldn't stretch your watercolour paper, and you should never ever use gouache with your watercolour. There are also others who believe pencil marks should be so faint that you can't see them. And yet others think you shouldn't draw at all - they say you should just go straight in with paint. But hey, you know what? ... Continue reading

Stretching Watercolour Paper

Should you stretch watercolour paper or not? What does it even mean - "to stretch watercolor paper"? And why would you even want to stretch paper? Well, have you ever dropped some water on paper? What happened? Did it wrinkle and no longer remain flat and even? When you add water to paper, the paper changes shape and creates hills and valleys which as you can imagine, Continue reading

SAVE Art Exhibition – 23 June to 04 July

The SAVE Art Exhibition is an art event in support of the SAVE African Rhino Foundation. All proceeds from the event will go to support the valuable work of the charity, and all pieces entered in the exhibition are for sale. The event will be hosted in the Enex 100 Building, 100 St George's Tce, Perth (between Hay St Mall and St George's Terrace. Continue reading
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